Hi, I'm Julia Starr

Most of my life I felt like I had too many interests to be able to pull all my focus in one direction. I was a mess and struggled to manage to complete tasks or really to focus on one specialty. In my 20's my passion for photography really grew but, like the rest of my life, I had a hard time focusing on one specific type. Portraits, landscapes, nature, macro, etc, I tried all of it. I had a great hobby to keep me busy yet I struggled to really perfect any one aspect of it. 

Then I had kids.

My new life was even more of a mess and I was really struggling to manage my hobbies and daily tasks, while also learning to parent and keep 2 small children alive. Thankfully they were cute. Screaming, pooping, eating, throwing themselves on the ground; they were always cute (ok not always, but most of the time). But I had these free models so I really started challenging myself to capture something I had ZERO experience photographing; disastrously cute babies. They really pushed me to expand my skills and push myself to editing more than ever before. Should I change my shutter speed because they move so quickly? YES! Do I snap while laying in some ridiculous pose directly on the carpet? YES!

In the last several years since becoming a parent, I have begun to embrace the beautiful mess that is my life and my children. I have also found that nothing brings me more joy than capturing them in all their mess. As I pushed myself I learned so many new things and overall my photography skills have grown. I still love to shoot anything and everything that comes across my path but capturing the mess is my specialty.

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